Jesolo’s extremely long beach hosts sports activities, matches and competitions of all kinds for all ages: a holiday where parents and children can enjoy themselves together. A Water Park, funfair and hundreds of shops open late into the evening make it your dream holiday.

There are swimming courses, diving, surfing, sailing and waterskiing, with equipment available for hire. There is also sport on the beach, like fitness classes and stretching for all ages, together with beach volleyball, beach rugby and games for old and young. There are a number of horse riding schools for lessons and rides in the country, around the lagoon or by the sea. The Pista Azzurra is one of the most important kart tracks in Europe and has been visited by guests like Prost and Senna.

Where Jesolo leads the way in night-time entertainment, the rest of Italy and the world follow. Its many discos and night spots compete every evening to offer emotions, music, colour and shows.

Presence on spectacular and exciting cycle paths such as the cantilevered cycle path on the lagoon and the Restera natural park which connects Jesolo to Treviso, to Padua and to the entire Veneto region up to Monaco. For nature lovers, a few steps from the beach, you can enjoy the wonderful lagoon ecosystem unique in Europe. The proximity to Venice and its gorgeous small islands, allows you to integrate your holiday with magnificent tours of art and culture.

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